Welcome to CRVIT (pronounced Serve-It) otherwise known as Corvallis IT LLC, your one stop shop for home and business computer related services. Locally owned and operated by a recent OSU graduate with professional IT experience, CRVIT is the choice for affordable, honest IT services. Servicing Corvallis and surrounding communities, Corvallis IT LLC provides quick and courteous help to all your technology related needs.

Services: CRVIT specializes in small office/home office IT service though can also help with larger business or even personal computer problems. With experience in legacy systems, CRVIT can keep your mission critical machines and programs running while also making them more compatible with modern technology. Corvallis IT LLC also provides network design, setup, and maintenance for any size company or home using both innovative, and trusted technologies such as wireless, MOCA, fiber and cat6 Ethernet. Some of the services offered include the following:

  • Computer repair
  • Hard drive and data destruction
  • Legacy system maintenance
  • Wired and wireless network design, setup, and repair
  • Website hosting, domain and email management
  • System/Network security testing
  • Phone system setup and installation

CRVIT now offers the following services as well:

Pricing: CRVIT offers free in person or over the phone estimates and service has a flat rate of $50/hour. Support contracts can also be negotiated in addition to the hourly rate. CRVIT likes to save its customers money, while at the same time not compromising reliability and quality. This means working with customers to find the right balance through a multitude of avenues including complexity of projects as well as utilization of new or refurbished hardware depending on the situation.

Partners: At this time CRVIT does not have any partner companies, if you are interested in becoming a partner company with CRVIT please email, or call using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

Contact Information: